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Hi all!

I have decided to give up the blog because I´m really tired of broken image links and design problems after every blogger update. But you can find me on my facebook page as always for the day to day work and Putty and Paint to check my gallery.

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Step By Step #3 - Five years of painting

I´m proud to present the third issue of the Step by Step Magazine. Step by step is a complete compilation of tutorials about inspiration, composition, painting processes, scenography, etc. of my most important works in the last five years. 28 pages in which You´ll have the possibility to learn how I created and painted pieces like Ogrum Ironheart, Skull bus, Nemesis Dreadknight duel, Invocatio, mini ogrum ironheart, random encounter! and more, with interesting tutorials as for example how to paint Space Marines easily, how to get a great contrast in our figures or how to paint monochromatic.

You can buy the magazines here

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Win a 30 Mm painted figure!

This month I’m working very hard in my new diorama for the Chicago Crystal Brush Awards and I want to share with you my passion for this work/hobby/industry, so if you answer correctly the next three questions in my facebook page, I will paint a basic 30 mm figure for you, totally free! Let´s go!

- Number of figures in the diorama
- There is a ladder in the diorama. Number of steps
- Number of monkey wrenches in the diorama

Before answering, please read carefully the terms and conditions:

- You have to be fan of my facebook page.
- The first who answer correctly the three questions will be the winner.
- You have to answer the questions with the formula ##/##/##, but of course, feel free to leave any comment after or before.
- I only admit one answer per participant.
- You can answer until April 4.
- If nobody answers the questions correctly I will raffle the miniature between all the participants.
- You will be able to check the correct answers on April 5-6, during the Crystal Brush.
- I have the power to chose the 30 mm figure, but I will contact with the winner to know his/her preferences.
- Shipping costs are not include.
- If you have any doubt, please send me a private message.

Share this and Good luck!

New Facebook page!

Hi all!

After a few years without presence in social networks, I´ve decided to create a Facebook page, so now you can follow me on Facebook. I think that Facebook will be more useful in order to upload work in progress pictures and workbench pictures, short step by step articles and preview pictures, and of course final pictures of my works. I prefer Blogger for longer articles, galleries and another kind of info, as workshops, reviews, awards, etc.

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And stay tuned in the next days for previews of my Crystal Brush entry!

PDF Step by Step - Waaaaagh!!

After a long delay, which of course I again apologize for, here it is and I hope that the final result meets all your expectations. Step by step #2 is a complete tutorial about inspiration, painting processes, scenography, etc. of my Waaaagh! figure. You´ll have the possibility to learn how I created this piece and how I painted the figure. Painting ork skin, how to work with plasticard, blood effects, weathering effects, how to use pigments, etc. And also, this issue includes a great collaboration. The talented sculptor Carmine "Thor" Giugliano has collaborated with a step by step of his Orc figure, which I used as base for the conversion.

This is the PDF version, but remember that I will send for printing the three tutorials and the portfolio, so You´ll have the copies soon at your home*. Feel free to contact me for any question!

example pages

* Only if you chose the perk C and above. The copies will send when I finish the three tutorials and the portfolio.

My calendar of events for the next year

I´m going to make a brief summary of the next year´s contests that I have planned to attend. I don´t know the exact dates of the events on the second semester, but I suposse that will be similar than previous years. And probably, other contests will be added to the list as the year progresses! Let´s start with the first in the calendar!

IV Concurso de modelismo Ciudad de Leganés (Madrid). Probably, the referral contest in Spain at present, which unfortunately now is not saying toomuch. I think that in the last years this contest has overtaken another historical contests like AMT Torrent in Valencia or the Soldat de Plom in Girona. It´s the first spanish show in the calendar, and it helps too. The organization is very good and the number of participants is high, has good facilities and a complete shopping area. About the figures...a medium-high painting level, but there are a lot of figures (in fact, almost all of them) seen in previous contests. Models, tanks, naval models, planes and cars are the most important part of an event that grows every year, but from my point of view with the same problems and defects than the most of the open contests.

Chicago Crystal Brush Awards 2014. I confirm my attendance for this year again. The CoolMiniOrNot contest does not seem consolidated as would be due to the big economic awards, but the experience is wonderful. The organization is very professional, the voting system is very interesting and unique because they have professional painters judging the pieces but also, the people can vote from their homes. This method is not used in any other competition in the world. The average painting level of the contest is medium, but it is a pleasure to see new works not seen before by some of the best painters over the world, not many due to the very high cost of the travel. Also, something I commented before; I enjoyed how the local painters lived the contest and the awards ceremony, without competitiveness, annoyances, criticism, gossip...

Stresa 2014 World Expo. It will be my first World Expo and I hope it won´t have the same problems and mistakes about the organization that I´ve read in reviews about the last one. I imagine that a World Expo in Italy will get together the best painters in the whole world. Of course, Italy is cheaper than Switzerland, where the previous World Expo was organized, so this will help too. The average painting level will be the highest of the year and even being an open contest, the fight for the gold medals will be difficult!

Open Quimera (Madrid). Definitely one of the store competitions with the highest painting level in Spain. But that's not what makes it great. We had a full day of laughter, ending with one of the best and funniest awards ceremonies you can to attend. The next year I will go as a part of the jury. 10 points for the organization. Impossible to miss.

Monte San Savino Show 2014.
This year I could not attend due to accommodation problems, so I had promised to attend next year, but the World Expo also takes place in Italy, not very distant dates on the calendar, and I think this will impact on international attendance to San Savino, also repeating the most of the figures viewed on the World expo. That, and my finances, will make that I doubt about my attendance until the last moment. Of course this year the level has been impressive, with many unseen works and a big number of incredible figures, but maybe next year will not the best to go, but I´ll try it.

Golden Demon. Will be Golden Demons next year? when? where? Only Games Workshop knows, and it will be revealed in the coming months, I suposse. Everything are rumors, but I imagine that the Spanish Games Day will be canceled again, and Germany and Italy will probably dissapear too. I would attend to the Uk Games Day, but I don´t know dates, so I can´t confirm my assistance. It´s a fact that the best fantasy artists still gather in the events of the british brand. And most importantly, with unseen works, regardless of the usual rare and unfair decisions and an increasingly commercial approach. On the other hand I love the system of 1 gold, one silver and one bronze per category, as opposed to the hundreds of medals awarded in the most of the open contests.


After a few weeks of hard work at least I´ve finished the second project of my Indiegogo campaign. Although everything about this piece will be explained in detail in the tutorial I'm preparing for the contributors of the Indiegogo campaign, I want to explain now some features about how I prepared the piece.

The past saturday was celebrated the annual painting contest in Quimera Miniatures. I didn´t have time to finish the ork for the contest. It needed more work, more contrast, more colour work, highlights, more outlines, but anyway, I wanted to compete with this figure. This was a mistake and a precious lesson for the future. Never compete with an unfinished figure. In the last three days, I´ve applied these corrections.

Orks + armours + weathering effects = the perfect plan for me. I had in mind this idea for months, a big scale Warhammer 40000 ork, but obviously, it´s impossible to buy one. If you want to paint one, you need sculpting skills or use a previous sculpt and make a conversion. I chose this last option.

I used as a base for the conversion the superb ork sculpted by my italian friend Carmine "thor" Giugliano, based on the Paul Bonner´s artwork. In the moment that I saw for the first time, I imagined a Warhammer 40000 ork with a big armor like Ghazghkull Thraka, so I drew some sketches and I started to work in the conversion. I used plasticard and some bits and as you can see, a very little amount of putty. I need to start to learn some sculpting techniques because the work with the plasticard is too slowly, tedious and difficult.

The ork is very very big. For your reference, the war staff is 18 cm. (7 in.) tall. The size of the figure have complicated the painting, and I didn´t feel comfortable with the painting in any moment. I like the result, but I´m convinced that It could be painted better. Definitely, the size beat me.

Like I said before, I´m preparing the second tutorial of the Indiegogo campaign, where you will be able to learn every point of the process.

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Monte San Savino Show 2013

Hi all! This last weekend was celebrated the Monte San Savino Show 2013. It was impossible for me going to the contest, but I had to give some miniatures for the Mumi project, so Diego Esteban did me the favour of carrying them and delivering to my italian friends. But also, he had the great idea to submit two figures into the contest. Thanks again Diego! And I´m very happy because the Walking dead diorama won a gold medal in scenes category.

I promise that next year I will go to San Savino!. I think it´s one of the best contests around the world and I´m sad because I wanted to go this year! Some painters are publishing their pictures and are totally amazing.

Fabrizio Russo and Joaquín Palacios won the best of show with this awesome figure. you can see the list of awards.

I´ve compiled some links to different picture albums. I hope you enjoy them!

Volomir´s blog
Sergeant Black Art

And stay tuned because the next week I´ll post my second Crystal Brush project, the big space ork!