Spanish Golden Demon 2011 Preview II

There is only one week for the Spanish Golden Demon. Countdown begins! nerves, rush and tiredness....bad combination! This is my entry for duel category, usually a category with few constestants, but I think this year will see great figures.

Ghazghkull Thraka - The Teacher

Some time ago I painted this miniature for a collector and I was not yet upload it. It´s a figure that I don´t like too much before, but the truth is that I was very happy with the result.

I used the same color scheme that in the skull bus, because I think yellow gives the best results for weathering effects. Title "the teacher" is a little tribute to the skull bus.
It won a gold medal in the "I concurso de modelismo estático Ciudad de Leganés" contest.

Spanish Golden Demon 2011 Preview

This year spanish Golden Demon will be July 3 in Madrid and this is one of my entries for this year in the Lord of the Rings category but it´s not yet finished. This category is a real challenge, every year there are many great artists who participate and always you can see around 10/15 high level painted miniatures. I´m convinced this year there will be a difficult competition too. More previews of my other entries soon!