Tabletop Gaming News Awards

I was pleased to know that the "backpacker", by Tercio Creativo, has achieved second place in the best historical miniature of the year category in the "2011 Tabletop Gaming News reader´s choice awards". If I've helped a bit with my painting to get that prize I can be more than proud. The winner was a Napoleonic Hussars plastic kit by Perry miniatures.


A preview of one of the figures that I´ll take to the next modelling contest "ciudad de Legan├ęs", which will take place on March.

It´s a part of a recognizable miniature, a classic in the figure´s world and one of the best, which I´ve wanted to give a special touch. Do you see any changes?

Wight King Battle Standard Bearer - Tabletop Work

And another one! now it's the turn of the Forgeworld´s Wight King battle standard bearer. A very cool sculpture until we look to the banner and see the scuplted standard design. I understand these decisions because I think it helps to the less experienced painters, but I would prefer to paint it. A good resin copy, much better than the most of finecast copies.

Krell, Lord of the Undead - Tabletop Work

Another Vampire Count, this time Krell, Lord of Undead. Another finecast figure, and once again a bad quality copy, even with a missing part of the axe, as well as holes and other casting defects. For painting I´ve copied the official scheme, as you can see.

Next weekend more vampire counts!

Tutorials links online again

Once again I´ve upload the tutorials. Megaupload is offline now, so I´ve upload them to Rapidshare.

You can download them in the downloads section. Also stay tuned, because soon I'll upload a new one! If any of these links are missing, notice to me and I will restore them as soon as possible

Irene Vioque - Tercio Creativo - Box Art

I just finished painting the Tercio Creativo February´s new figure, Irene Vioque, of the Old Regime faction. It was a difficult painting because it has a lot of details. As usual, an amazing sculpt. Attention to the small lizard on her shoulder! You can purchase it next week. Hope you like it!

Wight King - Tabletop Work

In these days I'm painting a few of the latest Warhammer Vampire Counts, and this is the first one. This time is a plastic Wight King. These plastic kits that Games Workshop are launching are a delight, very well sculpted, easy to paint and almost no casting defects. Quite the opposite that finecast line, which soon will post a review on the blog, and that is disappointing me more and more for their poor quality.

Hope you like it!