Blood Bowl Player

Another figure painted for sell, this time a Blood Bowl human player. Includes a showcase wooden plinth. I imagine it will be difficult to play with him because the team you have must be similary in the color schemes and the painting style, but the figure has a very good painting level to be displayed in your cabinet (pictures are very bad). In a few days I will sell on ebay, but if you're interested you can contact me for a direct sale.

Wight King

I love this figure so I´ve painted another Wight King for sell. This time I used the NMM technique for metals, as you can see. If you are interested please contact me, because in a few days I'll sell on ebay. The figure comes with a gaming base, if you want to use in your army, and a showcase base, if you just want to put it in your cabinet.

Zurriago - Tercio Creativo - Box Art

A new boxart for Tercio Creativo. The zurriago, Musketeer of the Old Purples.

You can click on the image to enlarge and see the figure from other angles.