Ron And Bones "Pulpillo" - Upgrade - For Sale

I had this figure in my glass cabinet for 3 years. It was on sale all that time, and I decided a few days ago repaint some parts, like metals to non metalic metals, the face and the octopus. Also, I added some chains in the base.

The figure is still for sale. Contact me if you are interested.

Chaos Cultist

A fantastic plastic Chaos Cultist from Dark Vengeance box. This miniature is for sale. Contact me if you are interested. -SOLD-

New Gallery and changes in Wip section

Some changes in emusestudio! As you can see if you click here, I´ve changed the gallery design and moved it to a regular section of the blog because I started to experience a lot of problems after the inclusion of the new blogger interface. Also, I´ve taken te opportunity to simplify and reduce it, and to include new photos of some old figures.

I´ve also decided that the work in progress section will become more important from now. When I paint a commission I have to take a lot of photos of the process, and sometimes it´s useful for anyone to publish these photos. So, wips section will be updated with all my figures in process (only if there aren´t secret projects), publishing new photos until I finish the figure. Sometimes I´ll finish some figures in a few days, but it´s true that other times I start a new project and pictures in wip section will be there for a long, long time.

I hope you like the changes!

Nicolás López & Guillermo Flamberga - Tercio Creativo - Box Arts

New box arts for Tercio Creativo, Guillermo Flamberga, first of the Mercenary personalities you could see during their Indiegogo campaign and Nicolás López, mercenary and amateur inventor. Not one of the better fighters out there. Not even one of the better shooters, but who cares? With his pepperbox, surely he will get one or two good shots, no matter who is he aiming to.

You could purchase them from next week here.