PDF Step by Step - The Walking Dead

Finally, I´m proud to present the first issue of the Step by Step Magazine. Step by step is a complete tutorial about inspiration, composition, painting processes, scenography, etc. of my Walking Dead diorama, second in show in the 2013 Chicago Crystal Brush Awards. You´ll have the possibility to learn how I created this piece and how I painted the figures and the base. Painting human and dead skin, blood effects, weathering effects on vehicles, fabrics, metals, how to use pigments, etc.

This is the PDF version, but remember that I will send for printing the three tutorials and the portfolio, so You´ll have the copies soon at your home*. Feel free to contact me for any question!

example pages

* Only if you chose the perk C and above. The copies will send when I finish the three tutorials and the portfolio.

Countdown: Four days to the first step by step!

Hi all!

Finally, I can start to send the first Step By Step about my paint work "The Walking Dead", but you will have to wait until the next Sunday. I worked very hard, I spent a lot of time... but I only hope you like it!