After a few weeks of hard work at least I´ve finished the second project of my Indiegogo campaign. Although everything about this piece will be explained in detail in the tutorial I'm preparing for the contributors of the Indiegogo campaign, I want to explain now some features about how I prepared the piece.

The past saturday was celebrated the annual painting contest in Quimera Miniatures. I didn´t have time to finish the ork for the contest. It needed more work, more contrast, more colour work, highlights, more outlines, but anyway, I wanted to compete with this figure. This was a mistake and a precious lesson for the future. Never compete with an unfinished figure. In the last three days, I´ve applied these corrections.

Orks + armours + weathering effects = the perfect plan for me. I had in mind this idea for months, a big scale Warhammer 40000 ork, but obviously, it´s impossible to buy one. If you want to paint one, you need sculpting skills or use a previous sculpt and make a conversion. I chose this last option.

I used as a base for the conversion the superb ork sculpted by my italian friend Carmine "thor" Giugliano, based on the Paul Bonner´s artwork. In the moment that I saw for the first time, I imagined a Warhammer 40000 ork with a big armor like Ghazghkull Thraka, so I drew some sketches and I started to work in the conversion. I used plasticard and some bits and as you can see, a very little amount of putty. I need to start to learn some sculpting techniques because the work with the plasticard is too slowly, tedious and difficult.

The ork is very very big. For your reference, the war staff is 18 cm. (7 in.) tall. The size of the figure have complicated the painting, and I didn´t feel comfortable with the painting in any moment. I like the result, but I´m convinced that It could be painted better. Definitely, the size beat me.

Like I said before, I´m preparing the second tutorial of the Indiegogo campaign, where you will be able to learn every point of the process.

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  1. It's a great job. It´s a wonderful to have seen it.

  2. I was fortunate to see it in person.My most sincere congratulations. A wonderful job and a good concept. i love this piece.A big fan of your work

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! I´m glad to see you in the show.