Step By Step #3 - Five years of painting

I´m proud to present the third issue of the Step by Step Magazine. Step by step is a complete compilation of tutorials about inspiration, composition, painting processes, scenography, etc. of my most important works in the last five years. 28 pages in which You´ll have the possibility to learn how I created and painted pieces like Ogrum Ironheart, Skull bus, Nemesis Dreadknight duel, Invocatio, mini ogrum ironheart, random encounter! and more, with interesting tutorials as for example how to paint Space Marines easily, how to get a great contrast in our figures or how to paint monochromatic.

You can buy the magazines here

example pages

Win a 30 Mm painted figure!

This month I’m working very hard in my new diorama for the Chicago Crystal Brush Awards and I want to share with you my passion for this work/hobby/industry, so if you answer correctly the next three questions in my facebook page, I will paint a basic 30 mm figure for you, totally free! Let´s go!

- Number of figures in the diorama
- There is a ladder in the diorama. Number of steps
- Number of monkey wrenches in the diorama

Before answering, please read carefully the terms and conditions:

- You have to be fan of my facebook page.
- The first who answer correctly the three questions will be the winner.
- You have to answer the questions with the formula ##/##/##, but of course, feel free to leave any comment after or before.
- I only admit one answer per participant.
- You can answer until April 4.
- If nobody answers the questions correctly I will raffle the miniature between all the participants.
- You will be able to check the correct answers on April 5-6, during the Crystal Brush.
- I have the power to chose the 30 mm figure, but I will contact with the winner to know his/her preferences.
- Shipping costs are not include.
- If you have any doubt, please send me a private message.

Share this and Good luck!

New Facebook page!

Hi all!

After a few years without presence in social networks, I´ve decided to create a Facebook page, so now you can follow me on Facebook. I think that Facebook will be more useful in order to upload work in progress pictures and workbench pictures, short step by step articles and preview pictures, and of course final pictures of my works. I prefer Blogger for longer articles, galleries and another kind of info, as workshops, reviews, awards, etc.

You can enter in my facebook page clicking here.

And stay tuned in the next days for previews of my Crystal Brush entry!

PDF Step by Step - Waaaaagh!!

After a long delay, which of course I again apologize for, here it is and I hope that the final result meets all your expectations. Step by step #2 is a complete tutorial about inspiration, painting processes, scenography, etc. of my Waaaagh! figure. You´ll have the possibility to learn how I created this piece and how I painted the figure. Painting ork skin, how to work with plasticard, blood effects, weathering effects, how to use pigments, etc. And also, this issue includes a great collaboration. The talented sculptor Carmine "Thor" Giugliano has collaborated with a step by step of his Orc figure, which I used as base for the conversion.

This is the PDF version, but remember that I will send for printing the three tutorials and the portfolio, so You´ll have the copies soon at your home*. Feel free to contact me for any question!

example pages

* Only if you chose the perk C and above. The copies will send when I finish the three tutorials and the portfolio.