PDF Step by Step - Waaaaagh!!

After a long delay, which of course I again apologize for, here it is and I hope that the final result meets all your expectations. Step by step #2 is a complete tutorial about inspiration, painting processes, scenography, etc. of my Waaaagh! figure. You´ll have the possibility to learn how I created this piece and how I painted the figure. Painting ork skin, how to work with plasticard, blood effects, weathering effects, how to use pigments, etc. And also, this issue includes a great collaboration. The talented sculptor Carmine "Thor" Giugliano has collaborated with a step by step of his Orc figure, which I used as base for the conversion.

This is the PDF version, but remember that I will send for printing the three tutorials and the portfolio, so You´ll have the copies soon at your home*. Feel free to contact me for any question!

example pages

* Only if you chose the perk C and above. The copies will send when I finish the three tutorials and the portfolio.