Win a 30 Mm painted figure!

This month I’m working very hard in my new diorama for the Chicago Crystal Brush Awards and I want to share with you my passion for this work/hobby/industry, so if you answer correctly the next three questions in my facebook page, I will paint a basic 30 mm figure for you, totally free! Let´s go!

- Number of figures in the diorama
- There is a ladder in the diorama. Number of steps
- Number of monkey wrenches in the diorama

Before answering, please read carefully the terms and conditions:

- You have to be fan of my facebook page.
- The first who answer correctly the three questions will be the winner.
- You have to answer the questions with the formula ##/##/##, but of course, feel free to leave any comment after or before.
- I only admit one answer per participant.
- You can answer until April 4.
- If nobody answers the questions correctly I will raffle the miniature between all the participants.
- You will be able to check the correct answers on April 5-6, during the Crystal Brush.
- I have the power to chose the 30 mm figure, but I will contact with the winner to know his/her preferences.
- Shipping costs are not include.
- If you have any doubt, please send me a private message.

Share this and Good luck!